Tokyo Saeki Co., Ltd : Saeki Selva Holdings

Company Overview


Message from management


TokyoSaeki Co., Ltd.

Chairman and Executive Director
Yukihiko Saeki


TokyoSaeki Co., Ltd.

President and Representative Director
 Muneharu Handa

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life.
And everyone wants to stay beautiful forever.
We aspire to be an enterprise that fulfills these wishes with the foods we offer.

 Japanese society has reached a fully mature stage of development and needs supermarkets that can adapt to its diversified, multilayered character. Under these circumstances, supermarkets will not be able to gain the support of customers if they merely go about business as usual. This is why we are constantly working to ascertain the trends among consumers and thinking about the kinds of products and services we should incorporate and bring into reality, while having all of our employees pool their ideas on these questions. In our approaches, we place emphasis on the construction of a corporate culture oriented toward speed and challenge.

  We want to create supermarkets that are the most staunchly supported by customers in the local community. To do so, we must also have employees with the highest degree of technical knowledge in the district (a corps of food professionals). In short, the development of human assets is indispensable for the construction of the best stores in the district. A company cannot advance if its employees do not grow.

  Both veteran and younger employees have an equal chance for improvement. Motivation tops everything else, even experience. It is our mission to constantly obtain information, keep a close watch on the trends of the times, hone our sensibility, and continue to make proposals that will surprise and delight our customers. We regard the gratification of even one more customer as our own joy and reason for working. This is the kind of corporate culture we are doing our best to breed into the future.

Saeki Co., Ltd.

President and Representative Director
Masafumi Minamiwaki

Corporate Overview and Development

Description of business Development of general grocery supermarket chains
Headquarters address 1-11-6 Nishi, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo 186-0005
Telephone 042-573-8855
Facsimile 042-572-8192
Founded November 1979
Established February 1986
Capital ¥173,837,000
Employees 1,026(including part-time employees)
Sales Figures ¥13,200,000,000